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ICCNS 2017 - 2017 the 7th International Conference on Communication and Network Security

November 24-26, 2017 | Takeda Frontier Science Hall, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

●ICCNS 2017 Proceedings | ISBN: 978-1-4503-5349-6 | ACM Digital Library 
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 VLSI Design and Education Center of University of Tokyo   Keynote Speech Session   Keynote Speech Session
Prof. Masahiro Fujita, The University of Tokyo, Japan   Prof. Herwig Unger, University of Hagen, Germany   Prof. Jalel Ben-Othman, University of Paris 13, France
Prof. Gang Feng, UESTC, China   Dinner Time    


Some winners of the Paper Presentation

Session 3
Dustin Terence van der Haar from University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Session 5
Lyra Bertulfo
from FEU - Institute of Technology, Philippines
Session 7 -1
Ching-Nung Yang National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, China
Session 7-2
Seunghee Han from Yonsei University, South Korea

Session 9
Lyes Bayou from IMT-Atlantique, France

Session 10
Shreeya Swagatika Sahoo from NIT ROURKELA,INDIA



    Best Paper Presentation of ICCNS 2017


    Session 1 - C35
    VSDR: Visualization of Semantic Data Representation for Information Search over Semantic Web
    Natanun Kanjanakuha from Chiang Mai University, Thailand

    Session 2 - NS06 
    A Probability Model for Data Leakage Detection using Bigraph
    Ashutosh Kumar Singh from National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, India

    Session 3 - C89
    Portable Computer Vision-Based Cardiac Estimation as a Teaching Aid
    Dustin Terence van der Haar from University of Johannesburg, South Africa

    Session 4 - C39
    From Character to Document Representation with Global Context Awareness
    Xin Zheng from Nanyang Technological University, SAP Innovation Center Network, Singapore

    Session 5 - C48
    Gabay Tinig: A 3D Interactive Audiobook with Voice Recognition for Visually-impaired and Bilnd Preschool Students using Mobile Technologies
    Lyra Bertulfo from FEU - Institute of Technology, Philippines

    Session 6 - C0117
    Space Inference System for Buildings using IoT
    Youngmin Ji from Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea

    Session 7 - NS37 & C0119
    On the Analysis of k-Secure t-Conference Key Distribution Scheme  
    Ching-Nung Yang from National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, China

    A Social-Aware Caching Algorithm for Improving Performance of Online Social Network Services in a Multi-Cloud Environment
    Seunghee Han from Yonsei University, South Korea

    Session 8 - C0113
    An Efficient Alert System on Internet of Vehicles Using Hybrid MOM Technologies
    Yu-Yun Chang from Industrial Ph.D. Program of Internet of Things, Taiwan, China

    Session 9 - NS38
    wirelessOrBAC: Towards an access-control-based IDS for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Lyes Bayou from IMT-Atlantique, France

    Session 10 - NS24 & C201
    A Light Weight Three Factor Based Authentication Scheme For Multi-server Environment Using Smart Cards
    Shreeya Swagatika Sahoo from NIT ROURKELA,INDIA

    Secure communication based on synchronized random signal generators  
    Jun-Juh Yan from Shu-Te University, Taiwan, China

    Session 11
    Real-Time Fault Notification For Billboard Lighting System
    Apinai Rerkratn from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand

    Session 12 - C0143
    User  Behavior  Sequence  Modeling  to  Optimize  Ranking  Mechanism  for E-commerce Search
    Chengfu Huo from Alibaba Group, China