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ICCNS 2019 - 2019 the 9th International Conference on Communication and Network Security

November 15-17, 2019 | Chongqing, China

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Keynote Speech
Prof. Nei Kato, Tohoku University, Japan Fellow of The Engineering Academy of Japan, IEEE, and IEICE
Keynote Speech
IEEE Fellow, Prof. Teng Joon Lim, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Keynote Speech
IEEE Fellow, Prof. Chin-Chen Chang, Feng Chia University,Taiwan
Keynote Speech
Prof. Junyu Dong, Ocean University of China, China
Morning Session on November 16, 2019
Morning Session on November 16, 2019



Winners of the Excellent Paper Presentation

Session 1 - C0014   Session 2 - C0035   Session 3 - C0032
Session 4 - C0040

  Session 5 - C0066
  Session 6 - C2033


    Excellent Paper Presentation

    Analyzing Adoption Factors of Booking Service Platform for Sport Facilities with Technology Continuance Theory Model
    Authors: Alviana Alicia Syafinal, Amalia Suzianti
    Presenter: Alviana Alicia Syafinal, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia


    Multi-sensor Fusion Mapping Method Based on Kinect Vision Constraints
    Authors: WANG Qing-qu, DANG Shu-wen, LI Lu-jun
    Presenter: Shuwen Dang,Shanghai University of Engineering Science,China


    An Improved Weakly Supervised Learning System for Detection of Sound Events in Domestic Environments
    Authors: Dezhi Wang, Lilun Zhang, Xinghua Cheng, Dan Zou, Wenbin Xiao
    Presenter: Dezhi Wang, National University of Defense Technology, China


    Inner Behavior: Effective Representation Learning for Web User Behavior Analysis
    Authors: Qing Zhou, Dai Tang, Liang Ge, Yue Hu, Yong Wang
    Presenter: Dai Tang, Chongqing University, China

    Extending IoT Connectivity of Embedded Devices with M2M High-Speed Acoustic Data Transmission
    Authors: Henrique Goncalves Nogueira, Jorge Pena Queralta, Tommi
    Otsavaara and Tomi Westerlund
    Presenter: Tomi Westerlund, University of Turku, Finland


    Embedded Authentication and Blockchain in Micro-course
    Authors: Lien-Yuan Ting
    Presenter: Lien-Yuan Ting, I-Shou University, Taiwan, China